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the steinbach

I'm Markus Steinbach, and I've been deeply rooted in marketing and advertising since 2000. As a proud Ruhrgebiet native, where German precision meets the innovative spirit often associated with my Korean heritage, I fully embrace my passion for marketing. – digital in mindset, creative at heart, and skilled in execution.

Throughout my career, I've witnessed and shaped everything from classic print to the latest digital trends. My journey has taken me through all layers of advertising production – whether it's web design, trade show construction, or film production. I further sharpened my skills with a bachelor of media engineering qualification for digital and print media.

Today, I use my extensive knowledge and experience to help companies refine their marketing strategy. Whether conceptualizing cross-media campaigns or fine-tuning your brand message, I bring the expertise needed to advance your company.

My collaboration with various businesses and leading marketing agencies has shown that the key to success lies in personalized support and a deep understanding of all media channels. As someone who feels at home in humanistic marketing, I offer you a comprehensive and integrated view of your marketing activities.

If you're looking for a partner who delivers creative insights and strategic depth, I'm ready to bring my blend of experience and passion to your table. Together, we can elevate your brand and ensure your messages resonate precisely with your target audience.


Auf´m Böntchen 77

45139 Essen


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